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Alcohol Treatment Centers TX helps people break free from the confines of alcohol and drug addiction, no matter their age or circumstances. Repeatedly, people stand by as alcohol and drug addiction destroys their family, friendships, and professional life, and they give up if they don’t know where to go for assistance. Fear and shame keep them quiet, making recovery more complex. Stop the endless cycle of addiction today! Alcohol Addiction Center Houston, TX recognizes that recovery is always possible, and everyone has the power to resist their addiction and improve their life. To speak with an addiction specialist, call 713 766-8973 immediately!

Dangers of Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

Many physical sicknesses, health complications, and psychological disorders are as a result of the complicated ways alcohol affects the human body. Liver complications are the most well-known consequences of alcohol consumption, including problems like fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. The liver processes and cleanses pollutants from the body, so a malfunctioning liver can result in death over time. Other organs are also at risk, such as the pancreas, which starts to make poisonous substances if alcohol is consumed which can lead to pancreatitis. Heart damage, stretching of the heart, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke are also typical health problems that alcoholics and alcohol abusers suffer from. Many forms of cancer may result from alcohol use, such as mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breast cancer. Even rare incidents of binge drinking can cripple the immune system, and can cause users to be vulnerable to illnesses such as HIV and diabetes.

Plenty of negative side effects on the body and the brain are a result of alcohol use. Even binge drinking has unhealthy consequences, such as:

  • decreased inhibitions
  • motor impairment
  • confusion
  • coma
  • breathing problems
  • death

People who continuously drink too much alcohol are frequently affected by alcohol use disorders that cause their body and mind to suffer. Because alcohol use disorders are frequently compounded by other psychological problems, Alcohol Addiction Center Houston offers treatment aimed at addressing all facets of alcohol use. Misuse of alcohol can also increase the chance of:

  • automotive injuries
  • violent and risky behavior
  • suicide
  • homicide

Customized Treatment Programs

Since people are unique with different requirements, people are often more successful with custom-created rehabilitation plans. At Alcohol rehab treatment, programs may be completed in 28 days, 60 days, or 90 days, depending on the patient’s treatment needs, and they are all affordable and competent. It is sometimes possible to achieve long term sobriety in a 28-day program, but generally the longer rehab lasts the better the chances that the addict is able to maintain their sobriety goals. Drug Recovery Treatment makes an effort to evaluate each and every patient’s individual circumstances to be able to discover the best and most beneficial treatment plans. They not only provide custom-designed rehab plans at affordable outpatient prices, but their programs also come with the same twenty-four hour monitored care expected in top quality inpatient facilities.

How Rehabilitation Care Treatment Can Help

Detoxification is an important process that is occasionally required before rehab depending on the severity of the alcohol use disorder. Detoxifying without clinical assistance is incredibly dangerous for profound alcoholics, and may be fatal. Consequences of withdrawing from alcohol often range from mild to very dangerous, including:

  • convulsions
  • irritability
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • trouble sleeping
  • irregular heart rate
  • pupils of different sizes
  • disorientation
  • black outs

With the help of Rehab intervention program skilled medical staff, alcoholics can detox in a monitored setting. Rehabilitation for alcohol use disorders is essential, because detox only breaks the physical dependence to the substance. Treatment, or rehabilitation, is the one way that a person can truly recover from an alcohol use disorder. For more information regarding alcohol use disorders, locations of rehabilitation centers, or for advice about dealing with alcoholism, please contact Rehabilitation Care Treatment’s alcohol recovery professionals at 713-766-8973.